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About Things4Thinkers

Things4Thinkers creates custom cookie cutters, fondant cutters, stamps, cake toppers and more. If you can draw it, we can most likely turn it into an awesome cookie cutter. If you can't draw, no problem. Just give us a basic idea and we can draw it for you. We specialize in creating custom cookie cutters from concept to a final product.

One might question what exactly you would need a custom cookie cutter for. Our biggest sellers are themed birthday sets, which may include any number of cookie cutters with characters, numbers, shapes of any variety of designs and more. Sometimes you want to make your kid's birthday unlike any others. Have us make a cookie cutter that looks like your kid! Remember, if it can be drawn, we can make it.

Custom cookie cutters, fondant molds, and cake toppers aren't the only things we can do. We've made jewelry, dolls of people, custom wedding cake toppers, action figures, bobble heads, and quite a bit more. Not limited to 3D printed plastic either. We've crafted in sculpey, wax, resin, plush, metal, and vinyl to name a few mediums. If you have an idea, contact us and we'll let you know if we think it can be done and what it might cost.

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